DJ Jimbo

Vinyl DJ


I’ve been a vinyl DJ since 2001 and I have a wide variety of genres that I love and play from. Some that are nearest and dearest to my heart are soul, funk and 80s music. I really like anything that makes you want to get up and move from that decade. You can find me DJing at venues around town such as Dig A Pony, Sweet Hereafter, Paydirt, Beech Street Parlor, Holocene and Plaza del Toro.


The latter brings me to something I do more of in the summer but also really enjoy doing year-round -- wedding DJing. I’ve DJ'd a lot of weddings at Plaza del Toro as well as at venues such as The Colony in St. Johns, Union Pine, Oregon wineries, orchards in the Gorge and so on and so forth. I pride myself on being a versatile, organized and fun going DJ. I’m also very proud to be at the center of a community of like-minded, creative and on-the-scene DJs in Portland since my time spent building and managing I’m a born and raised Portlander. I love this city and this music pursuit of mine is definitely a labor of love. Here’s a short and sweet DJ profile of me in Willamette Week.